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We will prepare, explain and negotiate tenancy agreements. We draft documentation for landlords and advise tenants before they take over a tenancy.

If your home is falling into disrepair or your standard of living is being affected by the action or inaction of others, we can advise you of your rights and inform your landlord of his/her obligations. Prompt legal action, usually in the form of a letter, will often stop a problem becoming serious and will achieve the outcome that is best for you. We will advise you on the existing terms of your tenancy, what to do if those terms are changed or are unfair, and how to deal with an unreasonable landlord or other tenants who may be making your life in that property difficult.

We can advise on rent reviews and breaking or terminating a lease or tenancy agreement, as well as day-to-day management issues.

Our landlord and tenant services include the following:

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