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Interview Under Caution

If you are going to be interviewed at a police station or anywhere else, it is important to seek legal advice at a very early stage, as you may be suspected of a crime. The only person who knows if you need legal advice is a Solicitor!

Abbey Solicitors can provide you with advice and assistance at police station interviews. Our team of highly qualified experts represents a range of clients across the country providing professional advice and guidance. Our aim is to ensure that your interests and make sure you are prepared and guided through the interview and beyond.

We understand the worries you may have prior to any Interviews and our team of Experts will assist you throughout .

  • Police Station Representation
  • Interview Under Caution
  • Voluntary Interview
  • Trading Standards Interview
  • Taxi Licence – Interview

Increasingly people are being asked to attend voluntary police interviews. Although you are not under arrest and are free to leave at any time. The information given at voluntary interviews may be used against you at a later stage. In addition, police powers are inhibited when attending a voluntary interview, powers such as taking fingerprints or DNA. However, during such interviews suspects are often asked to consent to voluntarily providing such samples. It is important you have a solicitor present who can advise and uphold your rights.

The interview procedure is an important stage in any investigation, one which will help form the basis of the investigation before the views of the investigator are fully formed. The interview anything you say may be used as evidence against you at a later stage. The solicitor is there to look after your interest, to ensure interviews are conducted fairly and that your rights are upheld. Any damage done in any interview can’t be undone later.

Being given the right advice at this early stage can have a material effect on the outcome of any investigation, our expert legal advisers can advise you as to the right course of action for you. They are there to protect you and advise you.

At Abbeys we have a team of robust Solicitors and Specialist Police Station Representative who can assist you.

The Team is headed by our Head of The Department Mr Imteyaz Ali

He gives expert advice at the police station and has the knowledge and skill to challenge abuse and manipulation when it occurs and is comfortable in protecting his clients and makes it clear some cases are won and loss in the Police Station.

Imteyaz Ali





Imteyaz is our Senior Police Station Representative who enjoys strong links with the community in the North West working on their behalf to prevent miscarriages of justice.

He is currently involved in a number of serious matters relating to violence, serious fraud, importation of drugs and serious sexual assault cases. The range of his clients is wide and he has represented professional people, and those less fortunate and less equipped to deal with the detaining authorities.

He gives expert advice at the police station and has the knowledge and skill to challenge abuse and manipulation when it occurs and is comfortable in his role in protecting clients’ interest. He believes that being in the front line at the Police Station is of utmost importance where cases are won and lost.

He has worked, observed and contributed to cases guided by Senior Counsel and Leading Counsel. He will follow his cases through and assist as required with his knowledge of the way the cases began.

At Abbey Solicitors we are able to attend and represent you through any interview or your time in custody and beyond. We are able to provide guidance 24/7 and our lawyer can be contacted at any time to ensure immediate expert legal advice when you need it. Our client portfolio ranges from the general public to professionals. We place our clients best interests at the heart of everything we do, using our wealth of strategic experience to get the best result from the worst situations.

We can provide advice while you are under arrest at a police station and support and assistance during any criminal proceedings which might follow. You will have the benefit of being represented by a first class defence team who has access to highly qualified experts.

Taking legal advice early is important to protect your business. Our expertise will give you the advice and representation you need to defend any such investigation or prosecution by any authority.

We understand how important your licence is to your livelihood. It is becoming more common for taxi drivers being invited for Interviews when their licences may be getting revoked. The Local Licensing Authorities will use their current powers and the law to justify in either suspending your licence or revoke your licence. Our experts can advise you at a very early stage about your position.

Legal advice at an early stage is vital to present your case. We can fight on your behalf, build your case and represent you at the licence committee or the Court if matters go before the Courts.

  • All taxi licensing appeals
  • Driving offences
  • Operator’s Licence

We offer a pre charge service and consider whether decisions are in your best interest including preparing detailed letters of representation to the relevant authorities prior to any decision made.

This is an important part of any investigation and receiving legal advice as early as possible will help you make better judgements and can lead to the investigation going any further.

We undertake both private and legal aid work. After the initial consultation, if you decide to use our services, we can determine whether you are eligible for legal aid or if you must pay on a private fee basis. We can agree to a tailored service which you are happy with.

If eligible for Legal Aid you will not be required to pay for your defence. The court will consider both your income and the seriousness of the offence in order to determine whether Legal Aid should be granted.

To acquire Legal Aid you must first make an application to the Magistrates Court. This can be broken down into the following two tests:

  • Interests of Justice Test: This is the first test which must be passed. Legal Aid is more likely to be granted if imprisonment is a potential outcome. Other factors which will increase the likelihood of Legal Aid being granted will include: the seriousness of the charges, whether you admit them or not, the complexity of the defence, how easy it would be to challenge the opposition yourself and whether witnesses are needed.
  • Means test: The second test will be based on your financial situation. If you are claiming either Job Seekers Allowance (JSA), income support or a guaranteed pension then you will automatically pass this test for Legal Aid.

If you require help applying for Legal Aid or are unsure if you qualify, get in touch with a member of our Criminal Defence team who will be able to work with you to support your claim.

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