If the relationship with your spouse or partner starts to breakdown, we can explain where you stand legally regarding your home, finances and children, and advise on any actions you may take in order to improve your situation. You should not make any important decisions which may affect your future before you talk to your solicitor.

We have experienced solicitors to advise you – they are sympathetic and approachable, providing helpful support and well-informed advice. We can advise and support you through mediation but, if agreement cannot be reached, we will act vigorously in court on your behalf working hard to get the result that is best for you and your children.


We have the experience to deal with the complex issues surrounding, immigration, nationality and asylum matters for individuals, family members or in business situations. We can advise you on the chances of achieving your goal, the problems you are likely to face and guide you through the application process.

Our service includes advice for people applying to work or study in the UK, marriage/unmarried partner’s concessions and investor/retirement applications, as well as asylum and human rights matters.

We can advise on matters related to political asylum, appeals, applications to remain, judicial reviews and emergency matters. We can advise from your initial application, through to court representation, including High Court Judicial Reviews, Court of Appeal and House of Lords matters. We can also introduce you to agencies that will help you to settle in the UK. We treat all our clients equally, demonstrating a high level of professionalism and care.

We have excellent contacts with all the leading barristers’ chambers and we instruct highly experienced counsel for all complex immigration matters.

Wills, Probate; Power of Attorney and Court of Protection

Family assets and the welfare of your dependents need to be secured to the best of your ability. This can best be done by having a Will. No matter how modest and straightforward or extensive and complex they may be, your assets should be managed in the most tax-efficient way and according to your wishes, be passed onto your heirs without undue taxation or delay. Our experienced lawyers will provide support and practical advice to your dependents whilst making sure that the legal necessities are attended to properly.

At any time, illness or an accident may mean you can no longer manage your business and family affairs. We can make sure you have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place so that a trusted friend or relative can manage your affairs for your benefit and your dependents. If it is too late to plan ahead and someone you care for is no longer able to take rational decisions, we can still help you using the provisions of the Court of Protection.

Our Wills and Probate services include the following:

  • Peparing your Will
  • Effects of divorce/re-marriage
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Court of Protection matters
  • Inheritance tax advice
  • lifetime gifts/settlements
  • Gifts to charity
  • Passing on family assets
  • Establishing/managing trusts

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