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Top law firms are letting themselves down online

20th Oct 2014

A new report on the websites of the UK’s top law firms has suggested that they are ‘forgetting the user experience’.

The study, carried out by mmadigital, suggests that law firms are not taking full advantage of the possibilities their websites could afford them.

When a standard internet user visits a webpage, they read on average only 28% of the content on offer, but will watch a video for around two minutes. Having a video on the site also makes it 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of a Google search.

However, of the top 200 law firms in the UK, 90% did not have any video content on their homepage, meaning they are missing out on a simple opportunity to attract traffic, and more importantly, keep people interested in their site.

Another key aspect of having a good website which will attract users and potential clients is ensuring it is mobile-friendly, yet researchers found that 56% of firms did not have a website which was ‘mobile responsive’. With over 2 million legal searches in the UK every day, 35% of those done on a mobile phone, having a site which is not compatible with mobile devices and therefore difficult to use could be an issue.

CEO of mmadigital, Dez Derry, noted that more and more people are trying to find legal services online, while on the move. He stated that firms should be ’embracing mobile technology and video’ to keep them and their digital marketing strategies as up to date as possible.

He also added that if law firms update their websites to include videos and interesting content, rather than huge blocks of text, clients would be more likely to choose that firm as it ‘matches the user experience they are receiving in other parts of their online lives’.

The report also looked at loading times, compatibility with different browsers, and whether the sites complied with regulators’ standards. With almost all websites working well on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari, and 94% of sites loading within four seconds, these requirements were not as difficult to fulfil. However, only 18% of companies fully adhered to the various standards necessary for running the site, which firms may want to address.