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Solicitors rendered useless by new virtual defence lawyer ‘KLAiM’

15th Mar 2017

A virtual defence lawyer program, named ‘KLAiM’, has been announced by international business Kennedys in order to reduce the legal spend of their clients as well as the allotted duration of claims for personal injury.

After its announcement in 2012, the program aims to quickly aid insurers in settling external claims regarding their policyholders. The system’s development should refine and automate this process before solicitors step in.

KLAiM will manage the claims process entirely by itself, starting with the service of court proceedings and running all the way to settlement. Some of its latest new features include the instruction of counsel in the event of a lack of agreement over cost, as well as the ability to guide claims handlers during the approval hearing stage of court cases. All of this is accomplished without the involvement of a lawyer.

Over the past two years, KLAiM has boasted success in over three quarters of the cases it has handled. One client was able to start saving £250,000 a year on legal defence, according to the company.

The head of Kennedys’ liability division, Richard West, who is also a member of the firm’s strategy board, commented on KLAiM’s compliance with the company ethos of cutting clients’ use of lawyers.

‘Although seemingly counter-intuitive for a defendant law firm to develop a tool that removes a revenue stream, we’re of the belief that lawyers should be instructed only when they’re really needed. At Kennedys, we view technology as an enabler of change that will help benefit us, and most importantly our clients. Our clients are striving to reduce legal spend, the shelf life of claims, and they are calling for innovation,’ he said.

Unsurprisingly, KLAiM’s development comes in the wake of concerns over technology’s effect on the development of the legal services industry.