Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Winding Up

We advise individuals and companies on the use of insolvency/bankruptcy/winding up proceedings as a potent debt enforcement tool as well as resisting such proceedings being brought against them. We will advise you as to where you stand legally and explain the benefits and risks of the insolvency procedure, including the following:

  • Statutory demands, winding up and bankruptcy petitions
  • Striking out and annulment applications
  • Setting aside statutory demands
  • Company/individual voluntary arrangements
  • Wrongful trading/ voidable transactions
  • Retention of title claims
  • Debt claims and enforcement

If your business is subjected to insolvency proceedings, we can explore the means by which you can quickly resume trading while minimising the damage to your operations and protecting your interests this way may mean that a viable business can be saved and family assets and shareholders’ investments can be protected. Companies and individuals can both benefit from voluntary arrangements.

Debt Recovery

As a private individual or the owner of a small business, if someone owes you money, we can help you. The involvement of a solicitor and a letter reminding your debtor of what is owed is often enough to end the matter amicably.

However, if your debtor cannot pay or will not pay, we will advise on enforcement options, which include

  • Initial advice
  • Solicitor’s letter
  • Letter before action
  • County Court claims
  • Advice if you decide to negotiate
  • Enforcement

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