Serious and Complex Crime

As a member of the Very High Cost Cases Panel (administered by the Complex Crime Unit of the Legal Services Commission), we are one of a very limited number of law firms able to take on clients charged with serious and complex crimes.

We can provide advice while you are under arrest at a police station and support and assistance during any criminal proceedings which might follow. You will have the benefit of being represented by a first class defence team who has access to highly qualified experts. We will be meticulous in examining the prosecution case and preparing your defence. In the event that we wish to offer a ‘guilty’ plea we will prepare detailed mitigation on your behalf.

Our services involving serious and complex crime include advice and representation on the following:

  • Serious Fraud Office (SFO) prosecutions
  • Customs (HMRC) investigations and prosecutions
  • SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency) investigations and prosecutions
  • CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) investigations and prosecutions
  • DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) prosecution
  • HSE (Health and Safety Executive) investigations and prosecutions (Corporate Manslaughter)
  • Terrorism
  • Organised crime
  • Serious drugs cases
  • Money laundering
  • £1m plus fraud cases


Asset Forfeiture, Confiscation Procedures & Restraint Orders

If you become the subject of asset forfeiture and seizures under the Proceeds of Crime Act, as an individual or a company, your affairs will be seriously affected. Furthermore, the assets of your business partners and family members may also be subjected to similar restraint or forfeiture. This is to ensure that criminals do not benefit from their crimes.If you think you may be subject to such procedures or, as a third party, caught up through the action of others, it is important to seek legal advice if your interests are to be protected. The penalties and consequences for the defendants and their associates can be as serious as the criminal proceedings. If you are subject to a pre-charge restraint order or your assets have been restrained while criminal proceedings take place, we can negotiate with the authorities to vary the order or apply for it to be discharged.

Our services include advice on the following:

  • Pre-charge restraint orders
  • Varying a restraint order
  • Releasing third party assets
  • Releasing business accounts
  • Restoration of seized cash
  • Property freezing orders
  • Asset valuation
  • Civil recovery issues