Employment Law / Compromise Agreements

If you are not being treated fairly by your employer, we can help you. As an employee, you should have an employment contract. If you do not, the law assumes a minimum level of employment rights. We can put into plain words your contract terms and minimum rights and advise what you should do now in order to safeguard your situation in the future.

Changes at your work, such as new working methods, changes in your responsibilities or discriminatory practices may be unfair to you. Help and advice from our experienced legal team will help to ensure you are treated fairly.

We will always look for a negotiated settlement and we have wide experience of drafting and advising on compromise agreements. If this does not produce a resolution and litigation is unavoidable, we have the resources and expertise to represent you robustly before an appropriate tribunal or court.

Our services include advice on the following:

  • explaining your contract of employment
  • discrimination/equal pay
  • part-time work
  • minimum wage issues
  • working time regulations
  • redundancy/unfair dismissal
  • compromise agreements
  • representation in tribunals

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